Conference on RNA and Immunity in Brno

Dear Colleagues,

We are sending this notice on our Three Conference Series specifically to selected researchers who have published work related to RNA modifications, nucleic acid innate immune sensors or genome defence. From 7-9th September 2016 we are holding the first conference on Immunity and Nucleic Acids ( at the new Central European Institute for Technology (CEITEC), at Masaryk University Brno, in the Czech Republic, 90 minutes north of Vienna. The aim of the conference is to bring together researchers in the field of enzymatic modification of nucleic acids with researchers on nucleic acid sensing in innate immunity and genome defence. There will also be a medical perspective, discussing how the lack of certain modifications leading to aberrant innate immune recognition of nucleic acids results in disease. The Epitranscriptome is a new emerging field of research. The NIH is initiating funding for the Epitranscriptome and we hope that the Brno conference series will also facilitate EU groupings on the Epitranscriptome. We hope to see you or representatives of your research group in Brno, either at the first conference or at subsequent conferences. Brno is a beautiful, and still inexpensive, city and social activities will centre on the Mendel Museum. Please alert your colleagues! The registration can be found here: EARLY BOOKING – 30th April 2016.


Liam Keegan liam.keegan [at]