Contact information

National secretariat

Secretariat of the CSSM in Prague

Vídeňská 1083
142 20 Praha 4-Krč

tel. +420 296 442 494
fax +420 296 442 396
gabriel [at]

Secretariat of the CSSM in Bratislava

Faculty of Science UK
Mlynská dolina
842 15 Bratislava

tel. +421 260 296 111
seman [at]

Legal form and Bank account

Czechoslovak Society for Microbiology (its Czech part) has the legal form of a civic association (Act No.83/1990 Coll.).

The Articles of the Association are registered with the Ministry of Interior (the current registration number VSP/1-2567/90-R14.12.2004).

The Society has IR 00,444,723 and is not VAT payer. Bank account: CSOB Prague 2, account number 176310547/0300.

IBAN: CZ830300 0000 000176310547, SWIFT (BIC): CEKOCZPP.


Instructions for payment of membership fees

Membership fees – Czech Republic

Regular members – 400 czk
Students/Seniors – 200 czk

Membership fees are always paid in the first quarter of the year, either by postal order type C (available at post offices) or by bank transfer to account number 176310547/0300. When paying, please use 0308 as a constant symbol and your membership number (found on every cover of the Bulletin or in the CSSM Directory) as variable symbol.

Membership fees in Slovakia

will be converted to EU according to the current rate of exchange.

Regular – 400 czk
Students/Seniors – 200 czk