Organizational structure of CSSM

CSSM statutes accepted during the 23th Congress in Brno transformed the previous structure of the Society which was divided into “sections” and “committees”. The reasons were purely practical – the majority of committees did not exist, or did not develop any activities for many years. According to the members of the Main Board the specialization the functional structure of the Society should reflect member’s interests. Microbiology develops quickly and the structure should dynamically adapt according to current trends.

At present, the Statutes distinguish two basic forms of members grouping into the functional units: thematic (Expert Teams) and regional (Regional Branches). The activities of these functional units could be logistically and financially supported by the Society.

Representatives of the Expert Teams and Regional Branches are listed below:
Water Microbiology (Dr.Baudišová)
Food Microbiology (prof. Demnerová)
Biofilms (doc. Rulík)
Yeats (prof. Čertík)
Expert Team in Medical Mycology, formely Committee of Medical Mycology (K. Mencl, P. Hamal)
Regional Branch Brno (prof. Růžička)
Regional Branch Košice (prof. Mikula)

Did not you find your subject field? Never mind. If you wish to join the Society, please gabriel [at] (contact us). We will be pleased to arrange a contact to other experts in different fields and help with formation of a possible new expert team or regional branch.

CSSM structure valid until 23th Congress in Brno (2004):

1.    Section of General and Molecular Biology
•      Committee of General and Molecular Microbiology
2.    Section of Applied Microbiology
•      Committee of Food Microbiology
•      Committee of Technical Microbiology
•      Committee of Biogenesis
3.    Section of Environmental Microbiology
•      Committee of Soil Microbiology
•      Committee of Biodeterioration
•      Committee of Water Microbiology
4.    Section of Medical Microbiology
•      Committee of Human Medical Microbiology
•      Committee of Veterinary Microbiology
5.    Section of Mycology
•      Committee of Experimental Mycology
•      Committee of Yeast
•      Committee of Medical Mycology
6.    Section of Virology
•      Committee of Plant Virology
•      Committee of Animal Virology
•      Committee of Bacteriophages
•      Committee of Rickettsia and Chlamydia
•      Committee of Medical Virology
7.    Section of Taxonomy, Protection, and Saving of Gene Pool of Microorganisms